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Will training make a difference?

By Admin

Will computer training really make a difference?

I get asked this question all the time as people see computer training as a bit of a ‘sheep dip’ exercise, but it all depends on how the training is structured.

If you just want to improve overall efficiency in how people use the computer then a session on keyboard shortcuts for the specific programmes that people use most can make a significant difference in the time it takes to create and complete documents.

If you have particular needs then a discussion beforehand will help our trainers to create a bespoke session that addresses your particular requirements.  Most good IT training companies will offer something similar.

Examining how people use an application, what type of documents they create and what they would like to be able to do will give us the information we need to generate a highly focused session.  As with most types of training, if the session is based around a real-life situation the trainees will remember far more and be far more likely to go away and put it into practice.

The morale of this tale is that you need to brief your IT trainer well to get the results you want.