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Enliten IT Training Credentials

We believe our trainers and consultants have to be technically adept, experienced and versed in educational methodologies – only that way can we continue to guarantee the high standards of training for which we are known – our reputation is key!

We pride ourselves in providing quality training engagements that are memorable and give delegates the skills they need to be better at their jobs.  Our trainers are friendly, flexible and approachable.  The Enliten IT Training credentials are of extreme importance to us and our clients.

Each of our trainers will have a combination of technical certifications depending upon their skill sets.  Additionally, our trainers have practical knowledge of real life scenarios therefore can add real value to the classroom experience.  Our trainers and consultants are fully vendor authorised having passed their trainer assessments as well as their product exams:

Our trainers are members of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) – the main standards body for IT Trainers in the UK covering all aspects of training, development and delivery.

Enliten IT has trained delegates throughout the UK and in Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Hong Kong (and we are always looking to go somewhere new!!).

Emphasis on Practical Work

Courses and workshops are structured so that delegates spend most of their time practicing their skills (you learn by repeatedly doing) using carefully structured ‘real-world’ work-related scenarios that have been specially designed to enhance the delegates learning experience.

Our trainers have many years’ industry experience ensuring that your staff will benefit from their time with us and it will help them to be more efficient and productive.

Enliten IT is a Microsoft Registered Partner

Enliten IT is a Cambridge Network Member.