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Onsite Training Services

We customise our courses/workshops to suit your needs. Simply let us know your requirements and we will build a course specifically designed for your learning needs.

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Enliten IT specialise in delivering quality tailored onsite computer training at customer locations in the UK and Europe. Choose from:

Onsite Training (at your Offices)

“We come to you, so there is no excuse for not training your staff!”

Compared with public courses training, run at your offices, can be delivered very cost effectively.  The more delegates (8-10 max) the more cost effective it becomes.  We deliver totally tailored sessions designed to meet your specific objectives and timescales.

Standard training

Apart from the general costs of training onsite courses will dramatically cut down on time away from the office and on money spent in traveling and overnight expenses. It also allows a higher proportion of staff to attend training sessions, whilst minimising risk to the business by keeping key individuals in close proximity in case of a technical emergency.

All courses are delivered by subject matter experts with delegates learning by working closely with their instructor.  Training is a totally “hands-on” experience so delegates get the chance to learn and experiment with new skills and techniques.  We don’t train from books, we engage and involve our delegates so they get the most from their learning experience!

Public Courses

We run a public schedule of courses (Adobe and Oracle only).

Custom/Tailored Training

‘Pick n Mix’ the content you want and we will tailor training that fits your organisations unique needs, based on the applications you use, the way you do business and the knowledge level of your employees.
All courses are delivered by subject matter experts with delegates learning by working closely with their instructor. Training is totally ‘hands-on’ giving delegates the chance to learn and experiment with new skills and techniques. We don’t train from books, we engage and involve our delegates so they get the most from their learning experience!

One to One Training

Book an instructor all to yourself and focus exclusively on your own work priorities. Pick the time and place to suit you! Pick the content and dictate the pace, you are in total control of the day and feel free to ask as many questions as you like. If you want, why not use your own work examples to get even more productive.

Floor Walking

Floor walking sessions are very popular amongst clients, and end-users especially following a roll out or migration to new technologies. Following the training sessions our trainers literally ‘walk the floor’ in the workplace circulating amongst those individuals that have recently been trained to iron out problems, answer questions, demonstrate specific application functions, and provide one-on-one support as needed. Floor walking typically happens during the first few days following implementation when demand for real-time expertise is highest and often necessary to ensure day-to-day deadlines are met.
Ask an Expert Sessions

Time and money can be wasted on 1-day training sessions when they are not targeted correctly. It’s far more efficient to “ask an expert” how to do specific tasks (just book a time-slot with our trainer to address your individual learning needs), using your own work samples, producing immediate knowledge transfer which gets you working efficiently straight away.

Consultancy / Development Projects

We offer consultancy and specialise in building the skills of your team so that they can acquire the skills needed to get the most out of the IT systems they use.

Development services are available for Microsoft Office products e.g. Power BI visualisations, Excel Dashboards, VBA projects.

We can create courseware (or Quick Reference Cards) to reflect your organisations specific requirements and infuse your company culture and messages into the courseware. This applies to both IT or Soft Skills related content.

Pre-Course Skills Assessments

Our focus is always on providing the most relevant training for you. Use our free TNA tools to work out what training your staff actually require so you don’t waste any time or money on training that isn’t right for your business.

Training Support

Our post course support is for 6 months.  If you have any post course questions simply email your query (based on any topic covered on the course you attended) to Our response time is 24 hours.