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Adobe Captivate training

Our Adobe Captivate training helps you use this development tool for creating eLearning content e.g. interactive videos, virtual reality walkthroughs, screencasts, multi-module branched courses, soft skills and compliance training and quizzes.  You can convert existing Microsoft PowerPoint slides and easily add multimedia, interactive elements and quizzes (which can be linked to an LMS system).  Content can be sent to virtually any device.

If you’re new to Captivate our Introduction course content covers the basic skills needed to produce professional looking eLearning materials.  Experienced users should attend our Advanced course for using templates, advanced actions and scripts.

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Adobe Captivate Classic Introduction Course

2 Days

During this Adobe Captivate Classic Introduction course delegates will learn the basic skills required to create eLearning media covering recording demonstrations, adding screen shots, images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas, rollovers, zoom areas and Flash animations, integrating multimedia, adding sound, and create quizzes that can be integrated into SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems; and publish to web, desktops, and apps for mobile.

Adobe Captivate is a powerful Rapid eLearning authoring tool that allows virtually any kind of responsive interactive content to be developed, deliverable to almost any device, without the need for coding.  Rich eLearning content can be developed quickly (e.g. product demos, application simulations, soft skills and compliance training, live and self-paced online courses, self-service videos, employee on-boarding modules) and you can import PowerPoint slides and enhance them with actors, user interaction and quizzes.

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What will you learn?

By the end of this Adobe Captivate Classic Introduction Course, attendees will have learnt:

  • The CBT development process
  • To editing text captions and the timeline
  • To work with images, pointer paths and buttons
  • To add and work with audio, video and animation
  • To add quiz’s and publish content
  • To use skins and templates


eLearning authors, corporate training professionals/educators and in-house content developers.

Course Contents

Introduction to Captivate Classic

  • Project and user requirements
  • Resolution and recording size
  • Explore the interface
  • Discuss project workflows


  • Use themes
  • Create themes
  • Set default themes

Smart Objects

  • Add and edit smart objects
  • Use for interactivity

Preferences and Object Styles

  • Create project and captivate preferences
  • Share project preferences
  • Use and create objects Styles
  • Update and reset object styles
  • Share object styles

Text Captions

  • Insert text captions
  • Use the check spelling
  • Create and applying styles
  • Edit objects


  • Work with the timeline
  • Adjust time and transition effects
  • Control the stacking order

Slides and Masters

  • Add different slide types
  • Understand different slide types
  • Use and create master slides
  • Control timing and effects

Working with Images

  • Set image size and position
  • Align, arrange and distribute
  • Use the library

Add Buttons & Visual Items

  • Add different button types
  • Create links and branching
  • Explore the branching view
  • Create custom buttons
  • Click boxes
  • Pointer paths and types
  • Highlight boxes

Rollover Captions

  • Insert a rollover Image
  • Edit rollover area properties
  • Insert a zoom area


  • Record audio
  • Calibrate a microphone
  • Edit an audio file
  • Insert silence
  • Add closed captioning


  • Discuss frame rates
  • Add animation to a slide
  • Insert text animation
  • Insert video
  • Set video properties

Demonstrations & Simulations

  • Capture software simulations
  • Edit software simulations
  • Capture training simulations
  • Edit training simulations
  • Capture assessment simulations
  • Edit assessment simulations

Using PowerPoint

  • Import a PowerPoint presentation
  • PowerPoint “round tripping”
  • Resizing projects
  • Perform a “round trip” from MS Word


  • Apply a skin to a project
  • Edit and save a skin

Project Settings

  • Set project properties
  • Add project information
  • Add a preloader

Question Slides

  • Insert a question slide
  • Add content to a question Slide
  • Format the question title
  • Format the question answer
  • Set question slide options

Publishing & LMS

  • Publish options
  • Reporting options and the manifest
  • Set reporting options
  • Create a manifest file
  • Publish a zipped flash project
  • Upload to an LMS

Course Materials

Enliten IT will provide each delegate with a workbook and other useful reference materials where applicable.   These may be either paper based or in Adobe pdf format or a combination thereof.

“"It was all really useful, I had seen Captivate before but felt confident using it by the end of the course. "”

Sara, Donkey Sanctuary, Captivate


No prior knowledge of Captivate is assumed however a good knowledge of PowerPoint is useful but not essential.

Additional Information

NOTE: We only offer this Adobe Captivate Classic Introduction course on a private in-house basis. For pricing and availability just pick up the phone and call us on 0845 1085481.

Enliten IT reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement, at any time, without notification.

The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.