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Beating the training budget squeeze

By Admin

When the budgets are cut, training always seems to be in the firing line.  It seems crazy when better trained staff perform more productively and get more done in less time – making them a better return on investment.  However, the reality is – training is often seen as an optional extra. There is a more cost-effective alternative – online training.  There are pros and cons – as there are with any option, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Firstly, the cost is lower than in-house sessions with an external trainer and much less if you have to hire a venue for training.
  • Secondly, there is no need to take all the team out of circulation at the same time as the online sessions are accessible at a time to suit the learner.
  • Thirdly, online sessions can be rerun so, if someone didn’t completely understand the first time, they can take a second – or third – look.

Online learning has been validated with good pass rates too.  It further eases the budget as there are no paper-based learning materials to produce, it’s all there on the screen.  With classroom-based training there are always delegate who can’t make it – either for health reasons or because work pressure simply doesn’t allow it.  Online learning solves that problem. For Microsoft Office applications – there is a suite of learning modules at different levels that is the perfect solution.  These are created by experts – both in the application and in delivering easy-to-follow learning.  If your budget is being squeezed you can find out more about a more cost-effective option here.