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Coding Skills are vital

By Admin

Closing the Programming Skills Gap in IT

IT departments need to find employees with the right mix of skills and the mindset that continual education is key to developing new proficiencies.

If you stand still you are left behind pretty fast these days! If the right skill sets aren’t available to hire (or are too expensive), then companies need to train their existing workforce. Of course, you may be reluctant to train up your staff for fear that these employees will move on to better paid jobs, however research shows that employees who are trained and believe the company invests in their future are in fact more loyal What happens if you don’t train your staff and they stay?

There are plenty of training options available, including online ( is a good place to start), classroom based courses or tech conferences.

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There are many ways to learn the new skills you need to be able to do your job more efficiently. Why not talk to us about creating a tailored course to address all the ‘skills gaps’ you have in your organisation?

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