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Adobe Photoshop CC Intermediate background

Adobe Photoshop training

Our Adobe Photoshop training courses enable you to use this image (pixel based pictures/graphics) editing software that allows you to create or edit digital pictures for print or the web.  It’s myriad of styles and effects that can be applied to enhance or manipulate images and animations and it’s probably best known for ‘touching up’ images for magazine shots (chop, crop and airbrush out those unwanted imperfections!).

For those new to Adobe Photoshop our Introduction course covers the basics (creating and manipulating digital images).  More experienced users should look to our 2-day Intermediate course for managing more complex, multi layered/3d images and batch processing.

Adobe Photoshop CC Intermediate logo

Adobe Photoshop CC Intermediate

2 or 3 days

This Adobe Photoshop CC Intermediate course builds upon the knowledge learnt on the introduction course and focuses on using the advanced, time saving, and image handling tools to manipulate and batch process digital images.  Topics cover advanced selection techniques, retouching & manipulation techniques, using colour effectively, working with 3d layers and Smart objects, layering and filtering and how to automate workflow.

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What will you learn?

At the end of this Adobe Photoshop CC Intermediate course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use advanced retouching  and manipulation techniques
  • Improve the tonality and contrast of an image using curves and levels
  • Work with masks and blending effects to create sophisticated compositions
  • Use colour profiles to create a consistent and reliable colour workflow
  • Prepare artwork for print, web and video
  • Take the Adobe Certified Associate Exam and gain ACA status*


Design professionals needing to manage graphics for final print and web output.

Course Contents

Retouch & Correct

  • Change models using liquify
  • Adding lighting effects
  • Replace colour and colour range
  • Perspective adjustments
  • Black and white conversion
  • Understanding LAB Colors
  • Photo Filters
  • Filters
  • Explore Photo filters
  • Add and combine Filters
  • Smart Filters

Advanced Working with Layers

  • Auto blend and align layers
  • Use Smart objects for non-destructive edits
  • Layer blending modes for advanced compositions


  • Use the Pen tool to create and modify shapes
  • Create selections and mask with the Pen Tool
  • Draw shapes from the shapes library
  • Combine and merge vector shapes


  • Advanced Typography options
  • Create Paragraph and Character styles

Colour Management

  • ICC profiles explained
  • Assigning colour profiles
  • Proof setup options


  • Creating animated GIF images for web
  • Slicing images and exporting for use on the web
  • Prepare graphics for print
  • Add keywords to images

ACA Prep

  • Overview the exam objectives
  • Understanding copyrights and intellectual properties
  • Design principles, elements, and image composition
  • Design project requirements and deliverable
  • Mock exam

Course Materials

Enliten IT will provide each delegate with a workbook and other useful reference materials where applicable.  These may be either paper based or in Adobe pdf format or a combination thereof.

Enliten IT reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement, at any time, without notification.

“"Thanks you David!. Great course. Look forward to the next one" - Rosie”

Rosie, Pantheon, Photoshop Introduction


Attendance of the Photoshop Introduction course or equivalent knowledge.

Additional Information

Note:   * For those attending the 3 day public course, you will also be prepared for and take the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam at the end of this course (so you get recognised for the new skills you’ve just gained).  This offer does not apply to private courses, or 2 day versions of this course.  Other Adobe courses.