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Microsoft Excel VBA course background

Microsoft Excel training courses

Enliten IT have an extensive range of Microsoft Excel training courses to give you the skills to ‘Excel’ at work!  Whether you are new to Excel, are self-taught or you think you know a fair bit, we’ve got a course for you.

We have certified Microsoft Excel trainers and consultants throughout the UK, so why not take advantage of our, cost effective, tailored onsite training options (we come to you!).  Alternatively, you can come to one of our training centers.

We train on ALL versions of Microsoft Excel and to All levels – Excel introduction, Excel intermediate, Excel advanced and Excel Super User.

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Microsoft Excel VBA course

2 days

This Microsoft Excel VBA course teaches delegates how to develop custom built applications with Excel's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language.   VBA allows you to automate cumbersome repetitive everyday tasks and gives you the ability to build in-house custom applications that are user driven.

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What will you learn?

At the end of this Microsoft Excel VBA course delegates will be able to:

  • Record and debug simple macros
  • Write and edit VBA code
  • Build procedures which interact with the user


Programmers (and dabblers) who need to create sophisticated applications for data presentation using custom dialogue boxes and menus through use of structured macros and macro code.

Course Contents

Getting Started

  • Recording VBA
  • Buttons to run Macros
  • Macro Security

Visual Basic Editor

  • Overview of Menus and Toolbars
  • Project Explorer
  • Local, Immediate and Watch Windows
  • Short cuts
  • Object explorer
  • Addins to the Editor

Programming Basics

  • Objects, Properties and Methods
  • Comments
  • Code Layout
  • Location of Code
  • Subs, Functions and Events

Excel Object Model

  • Range Object
  • Worksheet Object
  • Workbook Object
  • Events
  • Add-ins
  • Worksheet Functions


  • Using Custom UI Editor
  • Adding New Ribbons
  • Adding Groups and Buttons

Programming Structures

  • Sub and Function Statements
  • Decision Code
    • If Statement
    • Select Case Statement
  • Loops
    • Do Loop
    • For Loop
    • For Each Loop
  • With Statement
  • Msgbox and Inputbox


  • Naming Variables
  • Types of Variables
  • Using Parameters
  • Variable Lifetime and Scope

User-Defined Forms

  • Basic Form Design
  • Form Handling and Events

Error Handling

  • Trapping Errors
  • Err Object
  • Debugging Techniques

Development Process

  • Modular Code
  • Flow Control
  • Test Plans

Course Materials

Enliten IT will provide each delegate with a workbook and other useful reference materials where applicable.   These may be either paper based or in Adobe pdf format or a combination thereof.

“Found Marko to be very patient and easy to understand.”

Maria, Adder, Excel Introduction


It is essential that delegates have attended an Excel Advanced Course or have a similar knowledge.  An understanding of Visual Basic programming elements and concepts would be extremely useful.

Additional Information

NOTE:   We only offer this Microsoft Excel VBA course on a private in-house basis.

Enliten IT reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement, at any time, without notification.

The suggested course duration is a guideline.  Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.